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Think back to any celebration you’ve been a part of. Chances are, you saw flowers adorning tabletops, walls, or even being carried by a bride during her wedding. Flowers have been a part of life’s happiest and saddest moments for decades—centuries even, in some cultures. When you need gorgeous floral arrangements for your own event or special occasion, turn to STEMS Floral Design Studio in West Salem, WI. We have provided our customers with beautiful floral designs for more than 20 years.

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STEMS Floral Design Studio can help make sure your wedding is the talk of the town for all the right reasons. From the bouquets carried by bridesmaids and flower girls to stunning centerpieces at every table at the reception, our team will help create the perfect design of beautiful flowers in all of your favorite colors.
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While losing someone you love is one of life’s hardest moments, the end of life celebration should be just as beautiful as the person who lived that life. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, guests and family members can focus on the beauty of life and make the most of a difficult circumstance. Whether it’s a wake, funeral, or simply an at-home gathering of close friends and family members, flowers can change the atmosphere.

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Throw a party to celebrate another year, a holiday, or even an anniversary. With our flowers as the centerpiece, the party is bound to be a success. We can even design a stunning floral backdrop to act as the perfect setting for photo ops and selfies!


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Many young girls grow up dreaming of the day they will receive flowers on Valentine’s Day. Older women still get butterflies when their spouse comes home from work with a beautiful bouquet. From showing up on a doorstep for a first date to sending a bouquet with condolences, flowers are a beautiful symbol of compassion. When you order a bouquet or floral design from STEMS Floral Design Studio, you can count on us for on time and confident delivery. 

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Stop by our floral shop to take a look around at what we have to offer. You can also give STEMS Floral Design Studio a call for more information on our design services for events or to order a bouquet for someone you care about.

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At STEMS Floral Design Studio, we guarantee the quality of our floral designs. Place your order for a bouquet of beautiful flowers by calling (608) 612-0700 or stopping by to meet our florists in person! Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or special occasion or simply looking for a gift that covers all the bases, we’ve got your back.

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